10 Reasons Why Leaders Should Make Time For LinkedIn

Now is the time for senior executives to lead the way on LinkedIn

Based on my experience, a large proportion of Senior Management Officials, CEO's and Business Leaders believe that there is no need for them or their employees to be social media savvy. However, this is simply not the case, as a study by BrandFog revealed that “CEOs and senior management officials are better leaders who can strengthen brands values, communicate and build trust in products and services, - just by simply being active on a social network.”

In order to be active, you need to first get to grips with the social media platform you hope to start engaging on. We’ll be focusing on the networking platform

1.) It’s an ideal place for people to learn about your company. 

It can often provide a better and more personal insight than your company website has to offer. When business leaders and employees throughout your organisation are on LinkedIn, they increase the transparency and authenticity of your organisation, making your company seem more human.

2.) Make an effort with your profile. 

Most people (especially leaders who aren’t in search for a job) are not doing a particularly good job at putting their best profile forward. Putting up faded photos, incomplete sentences, poor spelling or grammar, and neglecting any effort to show who you are and what you stand for could be perceived as lazy and is a total turn off to both clients and prospects.

3.) Start a LinkedIn Company Page.

 LinkedIn helps reveal how people present themselves to the world of business, and as such, you should create a Company Page for your business. Here's where most of the benefits lie; a Company Page first provides your business with the opportunity to tell your company’s story, share career opportunities, engage with followers and prospects, and scale your word of mouth marketing. A Company Page, if used wisely, can be an effective tool for generating new business leads and nurturing referral relationships. 

4.) Create quality content. 

Using your LinkedIn Company Page, you'll be able to create quality posts and share content from your website that your viewers will not only see themselves but will potentially share with others. With this, your audience becomes engaged advocates of your company and expands your global outreach and influence.

5.) Publish your own articles.

LinkedIn is the only social platform where you can publish long-form articles. Share your knowledge with your audience, by helping others you will position yourself and your company as the experts in your sector.

6.) Introduce new products or services you’ve developed.

Linkedin is the perfect way to introduce new products and services that have been developed by your company. Since one of the reasons why people follow brands is because of the opportunity to see the human side of your business and latest product information, you'll be able to generate leads and a greater awareness. By including your website link you'll be able to also drive well-targeted traffic to your website.

7.) LinkedIn can help recruit people who will make a significant contribution. 

Nowadays, companies are often spoilt for choice when it comes to hiring and are simply looking for the best individuals who align with their purpose. LinkedIn profiles reveal valuable information about these individuals applying for jobs, including their stability, their passion and their record of accomplishments.  Above all remember that a company with a great LinkedIn profile which is reflected across the organisation will begin to attract a higher calibre of applicants. 

8.) Stand out from your competitors.

 Your LinkedIn profile is far more than just a C.V. it lives and breaths as a reflection of your personality and business acumen right now!   It allows you to tell the story of your organisation using infographics, photos, videos, artwork or any other visual media tells your unique story and helps connect to your audience.  LinkedIn can also assist you to monitor your competition, tracking their accomplishments, new product development or threats in the marketplace. 

9.) Grow sales and revenue.

 Did you know that just by being active on LinkedIn employees can significantly heighten your company’s bottom line? According to Weber Shandwick, employees with socially encouraging employers are 72% more likely to help boost sales, whereas those who don’t have that support are only 48% likely to help boost sales.

10.) Be a leader that inspires.

  As the leader of an organisation, your people will be looking to you as the example of what is expected. Imagine you turn up to work each morning half dressed! This is what your profile looks like to the outside world if you don't take the time to manage it properly, how can you expect others to do the same.  Don't despair it only takes a small amount of quality time and training to learn how to use LinkedIn properly, if you aren't able to lead and inspire your team, who will?


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