Why you should join a marketing mastermind group

How joining a mastermind group can help you to achieve your business goals with confidence

Being a business owner or entrepreneur is a rollercoaster journey which has so many positive and amazing moments but it also can be isolating and challenging. In essence, you are the CEO of your own business with all the pressure and responsibility but without the guidance of marketers and business development managers to help you move the business forward. Becoming part of a mastermind group is a way of scheduling time to invest in yourself, to move your business forward while benefitting from the knowledge and guidance of experienced business professionals.

I first joined a mastermind group in 2017. I found the process of working to solve business problems together invaluable. It has been a really positive and motivating influence and something I would encourage all business owners to look into…

 8 reasons why you should join a mastermind group:

  1. It gives you time to step back

When we first begin our business journey we spend hours working on marketing and strategy in order to attract clients and establish a business. But within a short space of time it is easy to become engrossed in the day-to-day operations and any planning or strategy becomes an afterthought. Joining a mastermind group gives you the opportunity to step away from your business to think about where you want your business to be, the direction you want to take and the steps you need to take to achieve this.

  1. The value of an external perspective

The value of working with others as a group cannot be underestimated. They are able to help you see your business from an external perspective, and can offer thoughts and opinions that you will not receive from family, friends or employees. They can to help you to think outside of the box, to become entrepreneurial and to have confidence in your decisions.

  1. Brainstorming leads to new ideas

We all know the adage ‘two (or more) heads are better than one’ and brainstorming with others really proves this to be true. The power of brainstorming can really be felt when you’re in a group with others throwing ideas around – these sessions can lead to new ways of thinking and give you different solutions to solve problems.

  1. Sharing knowledge and experience

The value of knowledge-sharing cannot be underestimated. People within mastermind groups have business knowledge and experience that is far more relevant than textbook theory and learning. Over time, your mastermind group will become a support network that you rely on for their business expertise and guidance.

  1. The motivation to move forward

Being part of a mastermind group helps you to achieve your business goals with greater confidence and urgency. With your group’s help, you’ll feel more reassured by the decisions you are making and you’ll do less procrastinating as you’ll have deadlines to meet from people who hold you accountable.

  1. A support and growth network

As a group member, you will be required to give inspiration and encouragement to others but will also receive encouragement in return. This allows you to build up trusted connections with people in a very similar position to yourself.

  1. You’ll work towards set goals

The progression of any programme you join should be structured in such a way that you are part of a journey. Set goals that you want to achieve – this might not be a monetary goal, it might just be a process of demystifying your marketing and setting a plan for the year ahead. Or maybe you just want to overcome that overwhelming feeling that many new business owners face at the start of their journey!

  1. Accountability keeps you on track

When you commit to a mastermind group, others will hold you accountable for taking the necessary steps to achieve your goals. Because you may be reporting back to the group on a weekly basis, this will help you stay on track and keep you moving forward with your business objectives.

If you get the opportunity to join a business or marketing mastermind group and you are willing to commit fully to the process, the experience can be hugely beneficial, enlightening and inspiring. It can breathe new life into the way you do business and help you to achieve your business goals.

If you are a business owner or entrepreneur looking to market your own business, get in touch and find out more about the Marketing Mastermind Programme. Send us an email alison@simply-marketing.net



Alison Teare is a qualified,  marketer with more than twenty-five years’ business and management experience, in both the public and private sectors, at local and global levels.

A social media expert, Alison is a trainer and speaker who regularly provides advice to businesses to guide their social media policies and strategy. She developed an integrated Social Media Management programme which enables businesses to co-ordinate a successful implement their own sustainable social media presence.

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