How to be less self conscious on social media – Louise Beckett (Speak Out Coaching) – Episode 9

Do you avoid the camera; dodge the microphone; come out in a hot sweat when you think you might have to speak in front of a group of people?

When you market your own business this can be a massive barrier but you can overcome these fears with the support of others.

I was delighted to record this episode with actress and coach Louise Beckett.  An extremely knowledgeable and inspiring coach, Louise helped me overcome my huge fear of being visible or heard online.

In this episode, we talk about what you need to do to become less self-conscious and gain more confidence online. Louise talks about feeling the fear but having the courage to do it anyway. She gives so many great tips to get you started using voice and video on social media and in your marketing, this is an episode you really don’t want to miss!

More about Louise

On-Stage Leadership Coach

I help anyone who has to be the face of their business to develop confidence to walk their talk, bring their copy to life and BE their business in action. I’m an Executive Coach with an MA in Actor Training & Coaching and I’ve some 25 years experience coaching individuals and teams worldwide. Current courses include Speak with Confidence, Transform Yourself & Influence Your Networks, Dramatic Art for All and Breakthrough programmes for executive women with Liverpool based leadership coach Kim Reid.

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Alison Teare is a qualified,  marketer with more than twenty-five years’ business and management experience, in both the public and private sectors, at local and global levels.

A social media expert, Alison is a trainer and speaker who regularly provides advice to businesses to guide their social media and marketing policies and strategy. She developed an integrated Social Media Management programme which enables businesses to co-ordinate a successful implement their own sustainable social media presence. Alison also mentors entrepreneurs and small business owners, helping to reduce overwhelm and providing purpose and clarity in their business development and marketing.

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