How to market a creative business – Johanna Fritz – Episode 15

Johanna took her successful creative illustration business and now trains creatives to build their own businesses using her knowledge of the online and business world and her empathy with others in the creative space.

How to market a creative business - Johanna Fritz

Johanna started her career as an illustrator and has her own very successful podcast in Germany, she has built amazing businesses in the creative space. In this episode, we talk about the importance of focus for creatives, how to price your products and how to sell to a niche in the online world. 

This is a brilliant episode for anyone who feels that their creativity sometimes holds them back in business. Johanna’s enthusiasm is infectious and she has a clear passion to help creative entrepreneurs and business owners to build successful businesses. 

  • How do you use Instagram and video to tell your story to reach your audience and grow your business
  • Using social media to showcase your work and your products to engage your audience so that they prefer to buy from you

There are so many opportunities for creatives if they are:

  • Able to focus
  • Willing to charge what they’re worth
  • Look at what they want to do with their business

Find out more about Johanna:

Bio: Johanna Fritz started her first business as a freelance illustrator back in 2005. After illustrating children's books for the top Germany publishers and agencies, she stopped to draw for a good reason. Her second business. An Online Business called "Creative Business Party" which empowers female creative Business Owners to think big and evolve an entrepreneurial mindset.

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