How to publish your first book – Erin Casey – My Writers’ Connection – Episode 18

How to publish your first book - Erin Casey - My Writers' Connection

Have you ever considered writing a book? In this weeks episode, I talk to Erin Casey from My Writers' connection

Erin is an editor who works with people from the very outset to help them create and self publish their own book.

This conversation was so interesting; Erin walks you through how to write your own book, beginning with the idea, the outline, how you define the chapters and the content.

We speak about the editing process and how self-publishing actually works.

For me, it was incredibly interesting to hear the process of publishing a book and how marketing is so essential to supporting ongoing sales.

  • We cover questions:
  • Do you need a publisher?
  • How do you make a start?
  • How do you make money from your book?
  • Is Amazon the best place to publish?
  • Where to write?
  • How much to write?
  • Ways to write when you're not a natural writer?
  • The difference between traditional publishing and self (indi) publishing

Everyone has a book in them ... do you?

More about Erin

Erin Casey is an author, book editor, and the owner of My Writers’ Connection, a publishing-services company she founded on the mission of sharing messages that make a difference.

Erin leads an experienced publishing team in the work of empowering speakers, coaches, and leaders to share their messages through books. Before launching her company, Erin was an editor for the SUCCESS Magazine company.

She has been dubbed “the best-read editor in education” and called a “Jedi-master editor” and “fairy-godeditor” by her clients. To date, Erin and her team have help bring more than 130 books to life.

Resource: 8 Weeks to Authorship program walks people through the process of writing a book.

Connect with Erin:

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