Episode 24 – How to create recurring revenue online – with Nathalie Doremieux

recurring revenue

How to create recurring revenue online

Nathalie and her husband run an extremely successful online business helping others to build businesses with recurring revenue but it’s not always been like that.

They moved from their home in France to Silicon Valley in Califonia, after 10 years living a fun but too crazy life, in 2005, after a great career in the Biotech industry, a gorgeous home in San Francisco and a Chalet in the mountains, with  3 kids, 2 dogs and a cat, they decided to sell everything, pack their bags and move back to France.

Nathalie describes their journey as they decide to return to France with their family, embarking on a very steep learning curve as they try to set up their own business and become entrepreneurs.

Natalie talks about the mistakes they made hiring the wrong people and the misconception that having savings gave them time to get things right!

The turning point came when they really begin to listen and developed products that people actually wanted.

Starting from the basics of being website builders, they niche down into building websites for people who want to create online businesses and then further into websites specifically for membership sites and communities which provides their clients with recurring income.

Natalie’s journey highlights how resilient you need to be, how many changes you need to make and how you need to listen to be able to grow a successful business.

Natalie also talks about her passion to help other business owners add value to their existing business so that they’re not leaving money on the table.

Who wouldn’t want to build some recurring revenue into their business to make life so much easier! Natalie talks about how you can provide added value to your customers and recurring revenue for yourself by adding an online element to your business.

Have you thought about the opportunities to make money online?

  • Could some of your resources, products or services be sold or delivered online?
  • Could you teach others how to be successful in their business?
  • Could you give others the tools they need to run their business?

More about Nathalie

Nathalie helps Women influencers, Experts and Entrepreneurs turn expertise and influence into recurring revenues by creating and growing membership programs.

You can find Nathalie -  https://newsoftwaremarketing.com

Free Masterclass: https://newsoftwaremarketing.com/masterclass

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