Episode 25 – From corporate day job to social media correspondent – May King Tsang

social media correspondent

From corporate day job to social media correspondent - May King Tsang

May King's inspiring story has taken her across the globe working in a corporate role and more recently she has used her skills, listened to what her audience wanted and created a brand-new business as a social media correspondent.

May King saw a gap in the market and has created a business doing something she loves and using a media she with which she is naturally talented.

Like all entrepreneurs, May King's journey has not been an easy one but she has continually learned from her experiences and from others and is creating a business that she loves in a niche that would’ve been unheard-of 10 years ago.

May King shares her story and also her top tips for becoming your own social media correspondent.

May King gives tons of tips about how to become your own social media correspondent; how to create a real buzz around any event that you may be involved in as an event organiser, sponsor or an attendee.

May King's Tips

  • Interview attendees and ask them their biggest takeaway from the event
  • Create your own hashtags and get everyone involved so that there are all talking on the same stream
  • Have somebody dedicated to each social platform
  • Capture great feedback and insight and use it to market your next conference or event
  • Don’t try and do it all yourself, you’ll find you’re caught up in a lot of other tasks which detract from making a really good job of your own social media
  • Creating FOMO (Fear of missing out) at events isn’t just the conference organiser it can be for the speaker the attendees and the sponsors and a great way of reaching a wider audience beyond the walls of the conference
  • Remember creating FOMO is especially important for reoccurring events where it is critically important to ensure you have ticket sales in advance of the next event

More about May King Tsang

FOMO Creator and Social Media Correspondent

She’s been Live Tweeting professionally for many years helping conferences, festivals and workshops trend with their hashtags in Australia and the UK.

May King continues to help conferences around the world with her FOMO prowess and in 2019 has already been hired to FOMO Create and Social Correspond at a Music Festival, Social Media Conferences, various Masterclasses and Workshops so far.

May King is also a lover of tea, and you’ll mainly find her tweeting with her teapuns at @maykingtea.


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