Episode 27 – From zero to hero, Cathy Wassell talks about growing her business

growing your business

From zero to hero, Cathy Wassell talks about growing her business

Cathy Wassell started her business socially contented five years ago after leaving a corporate job, she has grown and scaled her new business with the help of coaches and mentors.

Cathy shares what she knows and has learned about how to scale her business, freeing up a time and outsourcing tasks to others who are more proficient than herself.

Cathy talks about the challenges of growing a business, the scary reality of having to invest in order to take her business further and how mindset coaching has been hugely successful in moving forward.

We discussed how learning is vitally important but needs to be coupled with taking action if you want business growth. The procrastination trap that will get you nowhere and how getting out there and getting things done is better than waiting for things to be perfect.

 Cathy also shares some tips from her work in the social media space:

  •  Insight into what to look out for in the world of social media.
  • Great tips for product-based businesses with the imminent introduction of shoppable tags and pins coming to Instagram and Pinterest and more networking opportunities on LinkedIn.
  • How there are opportunities for bricks and mortar businesses to align and use online social media platforms to sell and increase sales


More about Cathy 

Cathy is a Lead Generation Strategist who helps find more clients for small businesses, coaches and consultants.

She specialises in Facebook Ads and LinkedIn and runs Leads Machines courses in these for people who

would like to learn to do it well themselves, or runs a done for you service in social media and Facebook ads with

her digital agency Socially Contented.

Cathy has 24 years of marketing experience and also co-founded, with three other fantastic women, a membership

for social media and digital marketers called Go With The Pro.

She is passionate about helping women to create the business life they want at any age.

You can reach her here:





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