Episode 29 – Building a ballet fitness business online with Sarah Aspinall from Breaking Ballet

building an online business

Building a ballet fitness business online - Sarah Aspinall from Breaking Ballet

Sarah is the owner and founder of an online ballet workout program for busy Women but Sarah’s background is far from ordinary, she moved away from her career in law in the City of London to build a business in an area she was passionate about.

The learning for new business owners in this episode is huge

Sarah was very strategic, she started to plan her way out of the city and built a new business that would fit around her plans to start a family

Starting with the bricks and mortar business Sarah started teaching adult ballet classes and her business grew. When she started getting inquiries from other parts of the country that she was unable to fulfill Sarah decided to test her business as an online ballet fitness program.

Sarah openly admits she was never a marketer, it wasn’t her thing and she really struggled knowing where to start.

It took Sarah two years to build her first online program and by her own admission, she said she had no idea what she was doing!

Suffering from perfectionism is something that she felt was holding her back along with a large dose of impostor syndrome and over analysing things.

Sarah overcame all her fears and just kept going no matter what to build her business.

She realised that she couldn’t do everything by herself and she began to reach out to find the right people to help her. That's when her business began to grow.

First of all, she outsourced to a virtual assistant to help to build automated email systems and a Facebook Ads strategist to help her reach the ideal audience.

Facebook and YouTube are Sarah‘s main marketing online tools she uses challenges to great effect, currently has a challenge running with over 4000 people enrolled in it.

Breaking Ballet has now added a membership site that she opens three times a year.

Sarah‘s journey is truly inspirational

Sarah's  tips

  • Move forward one step at a time it’s so important
  • Use your Facebook group and page to find out what your audience really wants from you
  • Done it’s better than perfect
  • Run challenges on your social media to engage your audience
  • Ask yourself, are already helping to solve a problem for people? How can you do this by switching or adding an online element

Biggest takeaway

Feel the fear and go ahead ...Do it any way you have to push through it to move forward

More about Sarah 

Sarah Aspinall is a trained dancer and qualified ballet teacher, who has years of experience helping busy women fine-tune their bodies using short, high intensity ballet-inspired workouts.

She is the founder of Breaking Ballet, a unique online platform of fitness courses. BBackstage is her membership programme, which not only provides a step-by-step process showing you exactly how to incorporate exercise and healthy eating into your daily lifestyle - but supports you every step of the way to becoming the person you deserve to be.

She is a former lawyer based in the UK and a mum of two.



https://www.facebook.com/groups/Balletfitnesslifestylehub/ where we run monthly challenges

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