Episode 32 – How finding your niche can build a profitable business – Alexia Leachman

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How finding your niche can build a profitable business - Alexia Leachman

Alexia Leachman’s journey from the corporate world to a business owner is a brilliant example of how many times business owners often pivot, change and evolve their business before they find something that is a true passion for them. It also highlights how a small niche can have a large market of customers who are desperate for your services.

Alexia started out in marketing in a corporate environment and left to set up a business as a personal brand expert, her journey continued as she became a coach and mindset mentor, helping business owners overcome obstacles and mental barriers related to developing their personal brand.  Alexia has an awesome appetite for learning and helping others, this led her to a new area of business. Her business evolved and has now niched into an area which was directly influenced by overcoming her own personal fear of childbirth.

Alexia used the tools she had learnt and devised a method to overcome her own Tokophobia (the fear of giving birth) During maternity leave with her second child she started to talk about overcoming her fears and it became obvious that there were hundreds of women experiencing the same thing. After answering numerous emails helping others to overcome their fears (using the methods she had practised herself) and whilst still on maternity leave, Alexia decided to write a book called ‘Fearless Birthing’ and started to record a Podcast – Fear Free Childbirth.

Interest in demand in Alexia’s work escalated and over a short space of time, she put her branding business on hold to concentrate on fulfilling the needs of the hundreds of people looking to her for help.

 Alexia talks about

  • How she built her business based on demand and listened to what her audience wanted
  • How purposefully building a business is allowing her to move to France
  • Starting a petition to stop the ‘scaremongering’ often seen on TV programs such as One Born Every Minute
  • How she got featured in the press and recognised within the birthing sector
  • How Facebook didn’t come first when marketing her business
  • How she used her Podcast as the main driver - to tell the stories of women with a fear a childbirth
  • How sharing her own stories and the stories of others attracted more clients

More about Alexia

A therapeutic coach, an author and the host of the award-nominated Fear Free Childbirth podcast.

Alexia overcame her extreme fears to have two fear-free home births and she now helps women to overcome their fears so that they approach their birth with confidence. Alexia has helped thousands of women worldwide to shed the fear and claim their positive birth experience through her private sessions, her online programmes and products, and of course her podcast.

She is the author of Fearless Birthing and Clear Your Head Trash. Alexia appears regularly in the press, TV, radio and online including the BBC, SKY and ABC and has been featured in Huff Post, Mail Online, Psychologies, Red, Easy Living and Mother & Baby magazines.

Fear Free Childbirth podcast

The Fear Free Childbirth is an award-nominated podcast to help pregnant mamas prepare for a positive, fear-free childbirth experience. It’s a mix of positive birth stories, birth experts sharing their wisdom and Alexia sharing advice on mindset and tackling fears.





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