How to set up your own Mastermind Group – Episode 37

Set up your own Mastermind Group

How to start your own marketing mastermind

Being a business owner or entrepreneur is a rollercoaster journey which has so many positive and amazing moments however it also can be isolating and challenging. In essence, you are the CEO of your own business with all the pressure and responsibility but without the guidance of marketers and business development managers to help you move the business forward. For instance becoming part of a mastermind group is a way of scheduling time to invest in yourself, to move your business forward while benefitting from the knowledge and guidance of experienced business professionals.

I first joined a mastermind group in 2017. I found the process of working to solve business problems together invaluable. Above all it has been a really positive and motivating influence and something I would encourage all business owners to look into…

8 reasons why you should join a mastermind group:

  • It gives you time to step back
  • The value of an external perspective
  • Brainstorming leads to new ideas
  • Sharing knowledge and experience
  • The motivation to move forward
  • A support and growth network
  • You’ll work towards set goals
  • Accountability keeps you on track

If you get the opportunity to join a business or marketing mastermind group and you are willing to commit fully to the process, the experience can be hugely beneficial, enlightening and inspiring. Above all it can breathe new life into the way you do business and help you to achieve your business goals.

How to start your own marketing mastermind

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Alison Teare is a qualified,  marketer with more than twenty-five years’ business and management experience, in both the public and private sectors, at local and global levels.

A social media expert, Alison is a trainer and speaker who regularly provides advice to businesses to guide their social media and marketing policies and strategy. She developed an integrated Social Media Management programme which enables businesses to co-ordinate a successful implement their own sustainable social media presence. Alison also mentors entrepreneurs and small business owners, helping to reduce overwhelm and providing purpose and clarity in their business development and marketing.

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