How to avoid Burnout – Anna Pinkerton Episode 40

Avoiding Burnout

Burnout specialist Anna Pinkerton explains why we need to slow down or fall down! In no uncertain terms, she tells us why working at 100mph day in, day out is not achievable, why it’s bad for our physical health and our mental health.

This is what working as a psychotherapist for over 26 years with some of the biggest names in industry has taught her. And, she says, no-one is immune.

In this podcast, Anna looks at how an accumulation of fear can lead to a feeling of failure which can ultimately lead to burnout. She also gives us her strategies for recognising the signs of burnout and how to survive it, essential for anyone who’s working on their own, either as a business owner or self-employed.

What we discuss:

  • What burnout in the workplace looks like
  • The causes of burnout – fear, comparison, internal drivers, an inability to slow down
  • Why it’s important to recognise the signs of burnout so you can prevent it in the future
  • The importance of scheduling some free time into your diary

 Here’s what you will learn:

  •  That burnout will get you eventually if you don’t give yourself a break
  • That you must stop beating yourself up – learn how to ignore your ‘Inner brutality of thought’
  • That you need to be kind to yourself – follow the concept of ‘Companionability of self’
  • That it’s ok to slow down and coast along, to take your foot off the pedal every now and again
  • That fear is real, so do acknowledge it, but don’t feed it, simply change your response to it

 More about Anna

Anna is a therapeutic coach, trauma therapist, speaker and author who has dedicated her career to understanding stress, trauma and PTSD.  She is an expert in burnout and burnout trauma©.  She helps companies and individual leaders prevent burnout, recover from burnout and create cultures of care & kindness through knowledge of neuroscience.

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