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Top Christmas Marketing Ideas

Now is the ideal time to start putting some Christmas marketing strategies in place. Whether you have aproduct- or service-based business, we have some great ideas to help market your goods at this time of year.

In the run-up to Christmas there are many opportunities to market yourself, whether it’s offering festive gifts, gift-wrapping services or taking part in charitable events. Use every opportunity to communicate with customers and get yourself in front of your target audience.

With a well-thought out Christmas marketing campaign, you can show potential customers that you offer something over and above the competition: for instance you can provide solutions to many of the problems customers face at this time of year.

Do that and your customers will return again and again. They’ll talk about you on social media and you can start to make new meaningful relationships that will take you into 2020 and beyond.

 We discuss:

  • How to package your business with a Christmas spin
  • Effective festive marketing campaigns
  • How adding extra value means that customers choose you over the competition
  • Creating scarcity with Christmas offers

Here’s what you will learn:

  • Why it pays to take time now to think about your marketing strategy
  • That thinking about the solution is the best way forward
  • How great customer service will keep people coming back to you
  • Why making it personal will up your social media presence
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