Top Ten Christmas Marketing ideas

Christmas marketing

Top Ten Christmas Marketing Ideas

Now is the ideal time to start putting some Christmas marketing strategies in place. Whether you have a product- or service-based business, we have some great ideas to help market your goods at this time of year…

Identify the services and products you really want to sell during this period.

Christmas ideasThis is a key time for you to begin your marketing campaign so take time to do it properly. Take a pen and paper and work out what your audience wants to buy and what product or service gives you most profit. Start with easy wins – you could come up with all sorts of creative ideas that wow people but I’d recommend going for the easiest first then building on it.

Think about selling the solution rather than the product.

Customers, especially at this time of year, are likely to be stressed and rushed so giving them what they really need is going to make life easier for them. Give them a reason to get in touch with you – so you’re not just thinking about the product you’re selling but the problem you are solving with what you are selling.

Create a Christmas-specific email marketing campaign.

Email marketing software like Mailchimp or Active Campaign are cheap, free and make your life so much easier. Collate an email list by going through emails of past customers. In your email template, get creative with subject lines and use imagery to show you’re in the Christmas spirit.

email marketingYou might like to categorise your products into sections such as ‘Top Gifts for Grans’ or ‘Best Presents for Difficult-to-buy-for Dads’, for example. Think about sending a series of emails showcasing your products or offering discounts for limited time periods.

Would people be proud to give your products?

Quality really stands out at this time of year. If you present your products in a really appealing way with some little extra flourishes it’s going to reflect well. It takes away the problem the customer has of finding a gift that feels special. So, put effort into the quality of your services – for example, if people select a gift voucher, pay attention to the paper, the envelope, the presentation so that the person giving that gift can feel the effort that’s gone into it.

Answer the FAQs.

Think about the frequently asked questions that everyone asks at this time of year. Write a list of questions that you know you will get asked ten times over and create content around them.

For example, ‘Do you have a free delivery service?’ ‘Do you have a gift-wrapping service?’ ‘Will my product be here in time for Christmas?’ Put out social media posts about these extra services and answer any questions as you go along.

Roll out the gold star customer service.

customer serviceAt this time of year, customers really appreciate good customer service and by offering a gold standard you really will stand out. Extra services could be things like offering longer opening hours, free gift-wrapping, opening for browsing time after work, encouraging personal calls or messages. Your aim is to make it as easy as possible for your customer to buy as many different gifts from you as they can.

Do a Christmas promo piece.

Consider adding a social media page just for Christmas – focus on gift ideas that makes it oh so simple for people to select.

Jazz up your online presence – give a Christmas vibe to all social media posts and to your website. You’d decorate your office with tinsel and fairy lights so why not your social media presence? Think about including short videos – 60 seconds or under – that show the Christmas ranges. Do a sneak preview or behind the scenes segment on the Christmas office or shop. Keep your videos raw, not super professional, as anything too slick and edited can come across as advertising material.

Show goodwill and link up with other businesses.

This is a great time of year for some healthy collaboration. If you have a food product, consider linking up with some other food or basket companies to create a small gift package together. If you’re a beauty salon or a nail bar, how about linking up with a hairdresser to offer a top to toe beauty experience gift? These kinds of experiences are very popular as they seem great value for money and create a real ‘time out’ experience for the recipient. Plus you get the benefit of leveraging other people’s social media contacts too.

Offer a sale or promotion on certain items.

marketing ideasEveryone loves a bargain at this time of year so make sure yours stand out. Make it an offer that people really want or simply can’t refuse. Scarcity is a great marketing tool so add a cut off date – ie. Order in the next 10 days to receive a free gift or 20% off for this weekend only!

Alternatively, offer something as a bolt-on – for example, spend over £10 and get a stocking filler for free. Or if they’re buying wrapping paper, add a roll of sticky tape for half price. Position these bolt-ons by the check-out (either in a physical store or in the online shopping cart) so that their presence is seen at the crucial moment.

Another good offer, especially if you offer a service, is to refer a friend. So, for a limited time, a friend gets a discount when a customer refers him or her. You could go a stage further and offer an incentive to the customer too – perhaps a similar discount or a free gift. That way you are incentivising both parties.

Reward your fans.

It can be tempting to focus on chasing new leads and attracting new customers while forgetting about your loyal customer base. Direct a marketing campaign at the people who have been superfans all year round – perhaps they buy from you regularly or contribute often to your community. Why not reward them by sending them something out of the blue as a thank you – a gift voucher or a hand-written personalised card? You can be sure they’ll go straight on to social media and talk about what a caring company you are!


Tell people what you are doing over the festive period.

If you’re a service-based company, Christmas might be a time when you slow down and get more involved in corporate social responsibility. Maybe you’ve organised a works Christmas jumper day to raise money for a local charity or you’ve taken part in an office sponsored walk for good causes. This is great marketing – it allows you to communicate with your customer base, and also gives your community an insight into the kind of organisation you are. Tell people about the random acts of kindness you take part in – it’s an emotive time of year and people will be all the more keen to hear about how you are getting into the festive spirit.


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