How to find your brand voice – Episode 42

brand voice

How to find your brand voice

Bethany Joy is a ‘brand voice crafter’

If you struggle with writing about yourself or writing your about page on your website this is an episode you will love.

With a background in copywriting Bethany now works to give business owners and businesses their own authentic voice.

How do we develop a consistent style that shows the personality of the product, service and organisation?

The language that we use is so important.

We make choices about who we buy from by what we find online.

Whether we like it or not a judgment is often made from the words we use online, on our website, social media, blogs, press releases.

So how do we write about ourselves without feeling like you are blowing your own trumpet?

  • You can write about your business however you want – there are no rules.
  • There is not a government department that will stop your creative freedom.
  • Dictating can free your creativity.
  • Read out loud what you have written – language is a tool and we are in charge.
  • The Key is – does it make sense!
  • Does the audience understand what you are trying to say?


5 Steps to finding your brand voice

  1. Get to grips with what your voice is already – “Where is my style at right now and what would I like it to be?”
  2. Keep your voice anchored in the reality of your personality and passions “What is the personality that underlies what I do?”
  3. What is the language that your audience understands – what language resonates with them
  4. How is it important for me to sound – define a small number of elements that your voice includes i.e. positive, opinionated, playful, quirky
  5. Now flesh this out with the detail of language – what kind of vocabulary do you need to use. Write it down – create a word bank, like your own dictionary.


More about Bethany

A brand voice crafter and wordsmith extraordinaire, Beth helps passionate people with big ideas find the words they need to get got!

She began her working life in charity communications more than a decade ago, before moving on to brand consultancy and then copywriting for a creative agency. Beth now puts bread (and bacon, always bacon) on the table by helping organisations find a writing style and voice that truly shows the passion and personality of their business, as well as creating gettable and irresistible copy for their marketing materials. She also shares her expertise and enthusiasm far and wide, regularly speaking at conferences and meetups across the UK and Europe.


Instagram: @hellobethanyjoy

Twitter: @hellobethanyjoy



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