How to steal your audience back from social media – with Mark Masters Episode 48

steal your sudience back

How to steal your audience back from Social Media

Instead of playing by other people’s rules, it’s time to start writing your own – discover how to use social media platforms to your advantage and take back your audience

For a space that is supposedly infinite, the social media world sure feels restricted sometimes. That’s because it is dominated by the main social media players and their rules. However, if you’re prepared to think creatively, to do things differently and to play the social media giants to your advantage, then there are infinite opportunities to make rich and lasting connections with new and engaged audiences.

Mark Masters from website, You Are The Media, explains how to use social media spaces to your advantage. His experience has shown him that social media platforms have value in being the places where you communicate your relevance to people, but the key is then bringing those people back to your own space. This is where you have the most influence over an audience, where they can choose to subscribe, buy from you or just get to know you better.

Here’s what we discuss:

Stealing from social media is ok - it’s about playing the social media platforms at their own rules. Use them as a way of getting your message out there but always have the intention of bringing people back to your space

Finding a home – if you want to bring people back from social media, you need somewhere for them to go and feel safe

The problem of sameness – how do you stand out in a world dominated by social media giants?

Does what you are saying have value – to keep audiences engaged and coming back to you they need to feel that there’s value in what you are giving them

Invest your time – developing relationships takes a lot of time so instead of writing a budget, ask how much time you have to give. Use this to develop a routine and stick to it religiously – this is your commitment to your audience

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