How to steal your audience back from social media

stealing your audience back from social media

How to steal your audience back from Social Media

Instead of playing by other people’s rules, it’s time to start writing your own – discover how to use social media platforms to your advantage and take back your audience

For a space that is supposedly infinite, the social media world sure feels restricted sometimes. That’s because it is dominated by the main social media players and their rules. However, if you’re prepared to think creatively, to do things differently and to play the social media giants to your advantage, then there are infinite opportunities to make rich and lasting connections with new and engaged audiences.

Mark Masters from website, You Are The Media, explains how to use social media spaces to your advantage. His experience has shown him that social media platforms have value in being the places where you communicate your relevance to people, but the key is then bringing those people back to your own space. This is where you have the most influence over an audience, where they can choose to subscribe, buy from you or just get to know you better.

Here’s what he recommends:

Develop relationships:

make connectionsUse social media to connect then find a rapport with the right people. Building relationships with the right people is what moves a business forward. Use socials to communicate your relevance then curate your own email list to bring those people back to you. Facebook Groups are also a great place to bring people back to. Stop worrying about scale – find your first 10 people who trust you and like what you’re saying and bring them back. They will tell another 10 people who will tell another 10 people and so on. That way your community will be built up of people who are genuinely interested in what you have to say.

Invest in time:


invest in time

The biggest trade off used to be money, but now it is time – time has become your biggest investment. It takes time to connect and build relationships with people. So, instead of a budget, ask yourself how much time do you have to give? Think about the average blog taking three and a half hours to write, a podcast taking a couple of hours to plan and film and you can see that time is a precious commodity. But we do it to try to get people to notice us, so they will want to read more, listen more, to connect more.

 Develop a routine:

This is your unwritten contract, your commitment, with your audience – if you say I’ll give you an email at Thursday at 6am, then you need to. Find a habit that works for you – for example, writing on a Tuesday morning, and find a way to send out your message with the intention that you can bring people back to you.

Build a home:

If you’re going to bring an audience back from social media, you need somewhere to bring them back to. It could be an email, podcast or a website – this is your space to create your story, your narrative. To make it work, you have to make sure that the place you bring people back to – your space – is the place where they feel looked after, and that this is something they can’t get elsewhere.

Create value:

create valueOnce you’ve got your ‘home’ how do you bring people back and keep them wanting to come back? By creating value. Be purposeful – what is the intent in your content? Is it to get someone to act or think differently, to make a sale or to recommend you? For example, You Are The Media is now a conversation place which is far more compelling for people. That’s where my strength is, but I can still use that to draw people to what’s happening.

Take back control:

Use social media purely as a means to distribute from and spread your ideas. The real value comes from bringing people back to you as this is where you get to control the narrative. Whether you create narrative through a website, blog, podcast, email, or live event, it’s about how you can use social as a means to share ideas with the intent to bring people back to your home.

The problem of sameness:

The biggest problem today is sameness. Everyone relies on the social media spaces and plays by their rules. But we have a choice – to either swim in a pool with other people or to create your own pond that’s richer than those around you. It’s about standing out and being counted, about giving yourself a voice that is heard above the others.

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