3 things I should have done sooner – Episode 52

Things I should have done sooner

3 things I wished I’d done sooner

To mark the first-year anniversary since I launched my podcasts, this episode focuses on the 3 things I wished I’d done sooner in my business. You’ll discover the mistakes I made along the way and how I learnt from them to really drive my business in the right direction. I’m hoping you can learn from my mistakes so you can move your business forward more quickly!

Here’s what I discuss:

  1. Know your numbers: you may think you’re doing what you do for the love of the job but if the numbers don’t add up, there will be no job at the end of it! So, stop, reflect and take a good, hard look at the numbers – what is working and what isn’t? What do you need to do more of and what do you need to stop doing? Set yourself targets for the year and work towards achieving those figures.


  1. Outsource work you find difficult: you will tell yourself you’re not in a position to do this just yet but let me assure you, you are! I can’t tell you what a difference outsourcing has made to my business. It has freed me up to concentrate on the things I really enjoy which means I can drive the business forward.


  1. Focus on being focussed: we use this word a lot but have you really actually taken the time to properly focus? I didn’t until last year and what a change! Successful people focus 95% of their time on one thing and really move it forward before putting their attention onto something else.

How do you do this?

By planning – in this podcast I also talk about the two golden rules of planning:

The rule of 1

Why you should concentrate on one thing that will really make a difference to your business and focus on making that really profitable.

The rule of 3

The benefit of prioritising three things that you want to get done each week and how to break this down into the three things you need to do every day to help you to achieve your weekly target.

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