How to get started with email marketing – Rob & Kennedy – Episode 55

email marketing

How to get into email marketing

Email may seem so last decade, but it’s still the number one driver of sales and profits worldwide according to these podcast interviewees. If you want to grow your business, here’s why you need to embrace email marketing… 

When email first appeared in our lives 20 years ago, it was a revolution. But since those early digital days, so much has changed, not least the explosion of social media, email’s sexier, snappier cousin. Email, it seemed, was left behind in a world where tweets, posts and pins ruled.

But, perhaps we’ve been a bit too hasty in dismissing email as an effective form of communication – according to Rob and Kennedy of the Email Marketing Show, the biggest drivers of sales and profits worldwide is still through email marketing.

To publicise their careers as comedians, Rob and Kennedy both developed email communications to gain new audiences. Their email marketing was so effective, they now run a successful podcast, The Email Marketing Show, alongside their comedy.

What we discuss:

  • Why you need to be obsessed with relevance
  • How email gives you control that social media doesn’t
  • How to build and grow your mail list
  • Why it pays to be yourself on email

What you will learn:

  • How to make your email marketing effective
  • How to develop long-lasting relationships with customers
  • Why people will want to engage with you
  • How to use email alongside social media


To find out more about all aspects of email marketing, listen to Rob and Kennedy on the Email Marketing Show every Wednesday

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