How to start your online journey – Episode 56

start your online journey

How to start your online journey

Why it’s more important than ever to market your business in the social space

If you haven’t yet started your online journey, then this podcast is for you! As the internet keeps opening up more and more opportunities, it’s more vital than ever that your business has some sort of online presence.

Whether it’s a holding website, an email newsletter, an Instagram account or a Linked In page, whatever your business, people will search for you first of all, online. That’s why you need to keep up with what’s happening in the online space around you.

If you’re just not an online sort of person, take it from me – neither was I! But a bit of research, some words of encouragement and one small step can make all the difference to creating a successful online presence.

Listen to my top tips in this podcast and together we can start your online journey today…

What we look at:

  • Why you need some sort of online element
  • How to make a start on your online journey
  • What opportunities there are online for your business
  • Why customers expect an online presence from you

Top tips:

  • How to keep your online space in good order
  • Using online tools to help you
  • Developing income through online channels
  • Take that first online step


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