Avoid working from home burnout – Anna Pinkerton – Episode 65

working from home burnout

How to avoid working from home burnout

As we keep hearing, we’re in unprecedented times. Covid-19 is affecting everyone in all aspects of life so it’s not unreasonable to suggest we’re all experiencing mass chronic trauma at this moment in time.

Faced with the very real threat of this current pandemic and all that it entails, it’s very tempting to over-compensate by working all hours. But how do you keep an eye on your business concerns while looking after your family, your health and your finances at the same time? How do you keep all those plates spinning without feeling totally overwhelmed?

The answer, so says burnout awareness expert, Anna Pinkerton, above all is by being kind to yourself. It’s by taking a sustainable approach to work that will support you now and in addition keep you going over the next few months. That way, when we’re out of lockdown, you’ll have the energy and drive to go back to business as normal…

Listen to Anna’s advice about how best to work from home to avoid burnout and the warning signs that show you might need to slow down…

What we discuss

  • The importance of being kind to yourself
  • How working sustainably will create more energy
  • Why it’s not helpful to work a 50-hour week right now

What you will learn

  • Warning signs that you are nearing burnout
  • How to structure your day to benefit both yourself and your work
  • Recognising when you have exceeded your own bandwidth
  • How to balance your working life to sustain you for the next few months and beyond


Anna is a therapeutic coach, trauma therapist, speaker and author who has dedicated her career to understanding stress, trauma and PTSD.  She is an expert in burnout and burnout trauma©.  She helps companies and individual leaders prevent burnout, recover from burnout and create cultures of care & kindness through knowledge of neuroscience.

If you are concerned about burnout and want to get in touch with Anna, email anna@annapinkerton.com or contact her through her Linked In page.


To find out more about how to recognise the effect of burnout and how to overcome it, visit Anna’s website at annapinkerton.com or listen to Episode 40 of the Simply Marketing show


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