How to manage your time better – Episode 69 – Natalie Meyer

manage your time

How to manage your time better

If you thought being in lockdown meant you’d finally have the time to clear that ever-growing to-do list, by now you may be wondering what on earth happened! And you’re not alone – it seems that no matter how much time we seem to have on our hands, if we don’t manage our time efficiently, we’ll always feel like we’re chasing our tails.

That’s the message from Natalie Meyer, a time management consultant who has been advising time-starved clients how to best juggle their daily lives so that they achieve the things they need to achieve, and more importantly, so they start to actually feel a sense of achievement.

Listen to this podcast and hear what Natalie has to say about how to plan, prioritise and be purposeful about your time so that you can achieve a more satisfactory outcome, whether that be managing work, family, hobbies or just carving out ‘me-time’.


What we discuss:

  • The reason to-do lists set you up for failure
  • Why we tend to underestimate the amount of time a task takes
  • What it means to be intentional about your time


What you will learn:

  • How to prioritise and structure your week
  • The importance of mapping tasks to your own energy patterns
  • Why certain tasks give you a better sense of achievement
  • How to map out your ideal week

More about Natalie

Productivity Coach and founder of All in Good Time  Natalie helps women juggling work, family and home to be more productive so that they can escape their groundhog days of feeling pulled in all directions whilst stuck in mundane, repetitive tasks and instead create a more fulfilling life with consistent progress towards long-held dreams including quality time with their family and friends as well as time for themselves.

Unlike many time management approaches which assume your life is neatly compartmentalised and that you can organise each aspect independently, Natalie recognises that the many different roles you switch through each and every day are all intertwined and that a significant part of that is supporting those around you.  Her flexible framework enables you to balance these out and plan your time so that you flow through the day with a sense of ease and purpose.

To learn more about effective time management, take a look at Natalie’s top 10 tips on ‘how to save an hour a day’, by visiting her website at

 On the website, Natalie has prepared an exclusive download for Simply Marketing Podcast listeners, ‘5 steps to a perfectly planned day’

 You can also join Natalie’s Facebook Group – the Purposeful Productivity Posse – each week for live mini training sessions

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