How to find your niche and grow your business

Find your niche

How to find your niche and grow your business

Being all things to all people is not always the best business move – these days, the smart solopreneurs are all into niching: here’s why…


It can be tempting as a business owner to say yes to everything and everyone. You may not like the work you pull in, or even the type of client you attract, but work’s work, right?


find your nicheWrong! In today’s world, there is so much competition, thanks to the internet, that you need to stand out if you want to be successful. You need to position yourself a bit differently to attract the kind of audience you want. I’ve definitely noticed that the people who are really going forward and making an impact in the world are those who have identified a niche and are going for it.


But it can be difficult to know what your niche is. Deciding where to niche down is possibly one of the hardest first steps to take. This is where my Podcast guest, Amy Caiger, can help.


Amy helps business owners and solopreneurs to ‘unleash their niche’. She helps people to see what makes them different and how they can communicate that. Being seen as an expert in a particular field will not only help you attract the right kind of customers, but also help you to build a name for your business and what you do.


Why you need to unleash your niche

You become the go-to expert:

If you are confident about the niche area you work in, customers and clients will turn to you for your expertise. You will attract the right type of clients who feel safe in your hands. When potential customers come to your website or Facebook Page, they will be able to see instantly that you understand them, that you will be able to help fix their problems, and this will give them confidence in choosing you over other businesses.

You can create curated content:

targeted audienceIf you find yourself with a blank canvass, not knowing what to blog about, what image to post or video to produce, it could be that you are feeling overwhelmed because you are thinking too broadly.

Once you have niched down to what it is you want to be known for, you will find that the content becomes more focussed and easier to produce – it gives you a framework on which to hang your thoughts, advice, opinions and any solutions that may help your targeted audience.

You are not held hostage over price:

If the only thing that differentiates you from other competitors is your price, then that’s not ideal. However, if you work in a niche sector and you become the go-to person in that sector, you can charge what you’re worth accordingly.

Opportunities will come to you:

go-to expert nicheAs an expert in a particular niche or field, you become the go-to person, not just for potential clients, but also other interested parties. You may be asked to speak at events or on podcasts, your opinion may be sought by journalists, because you are known for this particular sector. This is great free publicity for your business.


Amy says that it is ‘important to understand that if you try to be all things to all people you’ll never be known for anything in particular.’ Of course, you may feel nervous that if you focus on one group of people you’ll lose business elsewhere but actually the reverse can be true. You actually need to be more specific – focus on a group of people and really think about how to talk to them. What language do they use, what problems do they need answering, how can you help them? By being confident and showing you can help, you’ll attract more of the same sort of client or customer.


Trying to work out your niche is not always easy or straightforward. Amy has lots of tips to help get you started:


How to unleash your niche

Look at your clients:

Look at what you’ve already done in your business and who you’ve worked with – are there any patterns that stand out? Is there a particular industry or sector that stands out? Then look at how you can focus more on that.

Explain how you do things:

find your nicheJust because there are lots of businesses doing a similar thing to you, doesn’t mean there is only one right way to do it. You may do things in a different way – a better way – to everyone else, and spell this out on your website. It may be a way that resonates with certain people and may even attract more people. Maybe you can answer the pain-points of your clients in a way that is more satisfactory than anyone else – can you show that you really understand your clients and know how to help them?

Focus on you:

Look at what makes you different and start amplifying that in your business. Focus on your personality – if you’re fun, bubbly, bright, can you show this in your brand identity? Maybe it’s your values that are important to you – show this in your marketing and you’ll start to attract clients that feel a connection with what you stand for.


Amy says that if you’re just starting out in business, don’t worry about being too broad at the beginning – work with as many different people as you can, then see if any patterns arise. ‘Unleashing your niche’ isn’t an overnight job – it can take time and trial and error. But, even if the idea of niching down is on your horizon and you’re walking towards it, it’s about recognising that it’s incredibly valuable to your business to do this.


To hear more from Amy about how to niche your business and grow more customers, connect with her at her Face Book Group – Unleash your Niche – where Amy will help you get a clearer idea about your niche with Q&A sessions and guest speakers.

You can also find her on Instagram, and other socials @amycaigerbiz as well as listening to her Podcast – Unleash your Niche.

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If you would like to learn more about how to find your niche and grow your business listen to the full Podcast, go to the Simply Marketing Show: Episode 78



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