How to be brave and overcome your fear of video – Jenny Ainsworth – Episode 80

overcome your fear of video

How to overcome your fear of video

Video is one of your best marketing tools so isn’t it time you faced your fear and starred in your own mini movie?


There are not many people who can say they feel totally comfortable seeing themselves on screen but that’s something we all need to overcome if we want to move our businesses forward.


Video is a huge marketing tool and is being used more and more on websites, social media and for other marketing purposes. Video – like it or not – is here to stay.


If the very thought of that sends you into a cold sweat, fear not – my guest on today’s podcast, Jenny Ainsworth, is a Leadership, Mindset and Motivational Consultant, who specialises in helping people to overcome their fears; if anyone can make you love yourself on screen, it’s Jenny!


Listen to this podcast to find out what Jenny says about overcoming your fear of video and how you can take a starring role in your next business blockbuster…


What we discuss:

  • Why it’s best not to overthink things – just do it!
  • How not to ‘what if’ your life away – take action!
  • Don’t hide behind a brand name – you need to be seen on screen!
  • Be honest with yourself – do you want to be heard or not?


What you will learn:

  • The best techniques for shooting good video
  • How to get used to seeing yourself on camera
  • What to say to make an impact
  • Why you should let the imperfections show


To hear more from Jenny, visit, or connect with Jenny via Instagram or Facebook at jennyainsworthbiz. *Be sure to let Jenny know that you found her through Alison Teare!*

More about Jenny

Jenny’s passion is making a positive difference through inspired learning, facilitation and consulting. Following her last corporate role as European Training Manager for Disney, she set up her own business designing and delivering memorable leadership and personal development, focusing on mindset and motivation.

Where to find Jenny


FB: JennyAinsworthBiz

Instagram: @JennyAinsworthBiz


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