5 Online marketing activities which take 2 hours or less – Episode 81

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5 online marketing ideas you can do in 2 hours or less!

If time has a habit of running away with you, here are 5 great marketing activities that take two hours or less that you can schedule into your working week…


One of my favourite marketing phrases is ‘what gets planned, gets done’ and this is so true when it comes to marketing your business online. In other words planning one or two hours of marketing activities into your schedule can be invaluable in taking your business forward.


In Podcast 79, I looked at 15 marketing activities you can do in 15 minutes or less: if you have more time to spare, dedicating two hours to marketing activities can help you get more into the marketing zone. As a result it can help you come up with some really great ideas.

Turn the dial

It’s about getting into the habit of turning the marketing dial up every single day. Listen to this podcast to find out how you can structure your week to include 5 top marketing activities which take two hours or less. Discover how these online marketing activities can become part of your working day. In other words plan actions which ultimately gains you traction, giving you better results for your business.


What you will learn about:

  • 5 clever marketing ideas that take 2 hours or less
  • How to plan marketing activities into your working day
  • Why really listening to your audience will inform your marketing activities
  • The benefits of creating a lead magnate – listen to Podcast 49 ‘What is a lead magnate and how to create one’ for more tips
  • Why creating a referral group is a good marketing strategy
  • The value of checking your prices – listen to Podcast 12 ‘Be confident with your pricing’ for inspiration
  • Why you need to take time to look again at your website


Remember, what gets planned, gets done! Why not spend time today to plan some of these marketing activities into your working week? Above all keep turning the dial!

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