How to save time in your business with Trello – Michelle Gillson – Episode 82

Save time with trello

How to save time in your business with Trello

If you’re in need of a digital desktop declutter, then discover how Trello can help you to run your business more efficiently.


Efficient systems make for efficient businesses, but they’re not usually the things we get most excited about. Unless you’ve discovered, how to save time in your business with Trello, that is!

Trello is a simple, yet fun and visual way to save time in your business. In this podcast, I talk to Michelle Gillson, a systems architect, who advises business owners on how to run their businesses more efficiently using Trello.


In this podcast, find out how you can use Trello to save you time and money in your own business. Learn how to create Trello boards that are bespoke to your business and that will help your business to run as smoothly as possible. Discover how Trello can help you to plan and organise tasks and projects and how you can communicate efficiently and seamlessly with team members about these tasks and projects.


What we discuss:


  • How businesses can use Trello to save time and money
  • Why Trello is more than just a to-do list
  • How Trello allows you to communicate with team members efficiently
  • The benefits of a Trello business blueprint board
  • Why Trello is a great tool for outsourcing work


What you will learn:


  • How to make your first Trello board
  • Different Trello board ideas to get you going
  • The Trello power ups that will save you even more time and money
  • How Trello can help you streamline your business
  • How to use the Trello App while on the go



If you want to discover more about the business benefits of Trello, connect with Michelle on Instagram at michelle_systemsarchitect


More about Michelle

Michelle is a Systems Architect and helps creative entrepreneurs design the business they want around the systems they need.

Where to find Michelle

Website -


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