What we do

What We Do

We are innovative marketers and creative thinkers. We offer expert guidance on all forms of marketing and social media training, planning and strategy. Let us become part of your journey today.


Marketing Support

We will work with you to understand your business objectives and customer needs to define clear marketing goals and objectives. We will take a deep dive in to your business, review current marketing activities and recommend the right strategy to help you achieve your goals.
We will scan the external environment for you, monitoring your competition and with regular meetings supervise your progress and measure your success.

Whether it's marketing expertise for long term projects or one off campaigns, initiatives or product launches, we’re here to make sure you see a return on your marketing investment, understand what works and what doesn’t. In short we are here to help!

“It gives the team immense satisfaction to work alongside clients who grow in confidence, to support them during brand creation or as they continue to build their brand and to cultivate their knowledge so that they really understand the reasoning and strategy behind their marketing” – Alison Teare

“Having marketing support and advice from Simply Marketing, an industry expert, gives us confidence to attract our ideal customers by speaking directly to them through a targeted campaign, thereby helping us to raise brand awareness and grow and develop our business in a structured way.”

 Elaine Codona, Director, Global People Solutions

Marketing Planning

Planning your marketing in advance allows you to measure your results; keeps your business focused, on track and able to achieve your goals. Planning can actually save you money, allows you to set a budget in advance and stops you making costly mistakes by taking knee-jerk reactions.

“Planning allows us to keep on the right track, our team works with Alison to ensure we move forward. After our meetings, we are all aware of our responsibilities and actions and this ensures marketing remains at the forefront of our business” – Katie Mathieson- Nelson, Robinson’s


Public Relations

The impact of Public Relations (PR) should not to be underestimated, as it gives you and your business the opportunity to share your story and drive engagement with your target audience. But PR is changing, customers want authenticity not spin and keeping up with the digital world is essential for your business. Working with us to harness and understand how NEW PR works will keep you ahead of your competition.

“All too often organisations and businesses have an awesome story to tell, they just forget to tell others about it! I am continually surprised by the inspirational stories hidden within the day to day operations of some organisations. There is always a willingness to get involved in PR when we present great opportunities.” – Alison Teare

“Alison identifies opportunities for public relations which allow us to tell our story, we aim to make a real difference to the local community and it is really important to us we communicate this.” – Kerry Waddington – Marketing Manager, Conister Bank

Creative Thinking

Innovation and creativity are at the heart of what we do. Working with Simply means the most experienced and talented designers are working alongside your business, to develop a new brand or work with existing guidelines to create compelling campaigns. We’re passionate about marketing and we love to help our clients stand out from the crowd, not least we will ensure your creative brief is met, on time and on budget and help you measure the results.


Social Media

The risk of NOT engaging and adopting social media as part of your marketing mix, far outweigh the risk of engaging. Why? Because social media savvy businesses engage better with their customers, plus get sight of customer feedback, trends and issues more quickly. The marketing activity can also target your desired audience and be measured, to demonstrate the return on investment and contribution to the bottom line. As a brand, the benefits are tenfold. You will be more accessible, approachable, likeable and in touch with your audience.

Not every business has social media experts and social media training is often needed. We are here to help you integrate the right channels into your organisation, working with everyone from board level to everyday users, to develop your social media strategy. We will deliver the required bespoke social media training programme within your business and offer ongoing support and reporting processes, to help you measure success, until you’re happy to go it alone.

"Working with Simply Marketing has allowed us to learn and understand our social media. With guidance and support we have grown an engaged audience in the local community, which allows us to communicate and have a better understanding of our customers needs" Kerry Waddington - Marketing Manager, Conister Bank.